Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, just to let everyone know, my blog is moving to WordPress.

It's going to be here, at

Feel free to follow me there!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some updates and thoughts

Firstly, I have been blessed with a job. I started sometime around November 15 at the local Wal-Mart, working overnights stocking shelves. It's actually a pretty fun job, and most of the people I work with are good people. We have fun, we stock shelves, and we make an extra dollar on the hour just because we work overnights. The sleep thing has taken some getting used to (I work 10p-7a, and then typically sleep from 8a-3p-ish), but I'm getting there. For now, this is a temporary job, lasting until Christmas, but prayer is all I have until then.

Speaking of my possible unemployment status, the Woman and I started to discuss last night that we needed to focus more on the here and now. As she pointed out, we get caught up in a lot of "Tomorrow I will..." And this has led to some problems in our individual and joint lives. However, we are still a great team, and we will continue to be a great team through whatever we come to.

I am about to finish my first and last semester of graduate school at Bible College, the same one that I graduated from. Why my last? Because I am fed up with the program already. I understand that their program is set up for working ministers who are attempting to further their education, but what about the kid who cannot get a church job and is working tourism? What about the kid who does not have office hours to devote to "professional development," but instead has a break room at 3 in the morning with no wi-fi access? All these things and more will be going in a letter to the grad school dean.

And, in a small focus on the future, I need to decide my next step in my educational path. I've thought of a few different areas, but I am just afraid. I do not want to get caught up in a degree path that I will not really enjoy. I guess I need to pray some more about it.

Which brings me to another thing...I need my Savior again. One of the drawbacks of working tourism and retail is that my busiest times are the times when other people are off work. So, this has led to a lack of church and personal growth. Part of this is my fault...I could always pick up the Word instead of checking my ungrown crops on Farmville. But, much like the Woman said, I have fallen into the trap of "Tomorrow I will..."

I am thinking of moving my blog. Probably just to wipe the slate clean and hopefully do something more constructive with it.

For now, I need to do some laundry. Toodles!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I just wrote a big, ranting post about how my life sucks.

And the internet ate it.

Care what it said? You probably don't. But if you do, you can ask.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Somehow, through switching schools and living places so much, I have learned to write off lost friendships rather quickly.

And I sit here now, fully prepared to do it again.

I've spent a lot of time recently looking back on my past. From high school to college, I only brought a handful of friendships with me. From college to know, only another handful has come (and some of those are falling between the cracks).

And the sad thing is? Losing friends like this has become too easy.

I've been sad recently. There has been a lot of drama that has popped up in life. I know there are people out there with worse lives and less money than I have, but regardless, it's been a damper on my spirits.

I do have the most wonderful fiancée by my side, however. She is such a comfort to be able to run to and talk to. I do not know where I would be without her.

I also have a select group of friends who helps me get away from everything, and knows when to ask questions and when not to.

And, it is these few friends who I am actually concerned about losing.

I am also concerned about never having a passion again. I just feel like my life has already turned into the work-eat-sleep-work-eat-sleep-work-socialize-eat-sleep pattern of a 50-year-old man who just found out he doesn't have enough money to retire.

This isn't right.

I'm 22, college-educated, and engaged to a beautiful, wonderful woman.

Why do I feel like this?

Monday, September 28, 2009

I sit here...

...with a backpack half packed, ready to toss it in my truck and leave.

...wishing I didn't own so much crap so that leaving wouldn't be so difficult.

...wondering why its so difficult for me to be happy anymore.

...knowing that the main reason I am leaving is not money, or stuff, but because of one person.

...knowing that "that one person" knows who they are (because if they don't, then it's not worth staying).

...wanting to cuss and cry and just leave.

...wishing I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.

...wishing I could go back out to the comfortable spot I'd found on the loveseat to read.

...getting evermore irritated with the things I keep forgetting to do.

...wondering what it will be like to have my own house, my own food, and my own parking spot some day.

...packing the last few things in that backpack, just in case.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


That is what describes my blogging pattern.

That also describes my emotional pattern lately.

In some good news, I have been having the time of my life with the love of my life. We've been having so much fun together, wedding planning, hanging out, yelling at the dog, getting not-on-our-diet ice creams together. I simply cannot wait to marry her. It's going to be the best day of my life.

I upgraded (or changed, I should, no, it's definitely an upgrade) my computer to Linux Ubuntu. This operating system is GREAT. I cannot believe how much smoother, more powerful, and more user friendly it is than windows. I'm proud to be an Open-Source PC.

I'm hitting the woods hard this year hunting. Or at least that's my game plan. The Woman's mom said they'd pay for my tags if I gave them some deer meat, which is an alright deal for me. I am planning on giving all my deer meat to either the Woman's family or my parents, since Daddy isn't hunting this year.

On job search fronts, I don't have a full-time job, but I did get extended at State Park until November 1. That means two more months of predictable pay, and two more months to find a big boy job.

I found the motorcycle I want. Now it's just coming up with the cash for it.

I made my Christmas List last night. Hardest thing I've done all year, I think. I realized I don't want too much more in life. Everything I asked for was basically a luxury (assuming my parents know that I am still wanting soap, shampoo, etc., etc.), and I'll be able to survive without any of it. Oh well, it was still fun, and I still cannot wait to open everything up on Christmas morning.

Well...that's about it. There is other news and other things on my brain, but nothing I feel like putting into words. Time to go grab another cup of coffee and maybe start cleaning my stuff up from around the house (my grandparents are coming in on Monday). Adios!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Reflections and Musings on Good Rap Music

I sit here, the only one at the house, drying laundry and waiting to go housesit.

So, I decided to throw Asher Roth's Asleep in the Bread Aisle on. Oh. My. Goodness. This is a super legit album.

This album is a throwback to what hip-hop and rap used to be -- creative, energetic rhyming about whatever you see around you. Yes, a lot of rap is dominated by bling, girls, and drugs. But there is a select amount of hip-hop that has a message, or at least a topic base that is original and unique. Roth represents this select amount of hip-hop with Asleep...

On a side note, where did Busta Rhymes go, and why has he just randomly appeared on Roth's album?

Hip-hop like this inspires me to get back into writing, but I know I will get caught up in the generic and unoriginal again. Oh well, I can live vicariously through legitimate albums like this.

Definitely pick up this album. Asher Roth is a legitimate emcee, and definitely does his thing.

And always remember, real hip-hop is not played on the radio.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I just want to move past my years at Bible College. But I can't. Mostly this is my own fault for not telling people to just shut up and grow up when I should have.

I made a trip to Frankfort today for the State Park. That was fun. No tourists, the open road, and classic country on the radio. I was happy.

I think the Woman and I are going on a date night tonight. I don't clock in until 2PM tomorrow, so I can stay out late. This excites me a lot.

I've been getting upset a lot lately. Mainly it's my own problems that I can't just swallow down. *see first statement of this post*

Hey, guess what? I finished Vintage Jesus. One of these days I'll post a review of it. I can say this though: GREAT book. A must read for any Christian.

Now I've started No Angel by Jay Dobyns. I am super excited for that.

Time to eat dinner and shower before my date.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What I wish for is... be able to wear a kilt (more specifically, a great kilt) without getting goofy looks from people. find a job where I can work with people, with my hands, and for God.

...a motorcycle to cruise around on my day off. fiance to be on the back of the motorcycle listed above.

...this blog to be more than random postings, and actually do something for the Lord. be back behind the pulpit, preaching somewhere.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Musings from the Hill

So, I got online to check email, application submissions, etc., and am now fighting the urge to window-shop for a few different things. I know window shopping is harmless, but it normally ends up stressing me out, because I try and finagle my budget to fit an item I really can't afford, then end up upsetting myself. But that is neither here nor there.

I've been reading a book called Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll recently. You should check it out. It's a discussion of the different qualities and characteristics of Christ (such as His humanness, the virgin birth, etc), using the Bible and early church fathers and historians as reference. I have really grown (and laughed!) while reading this.

I'm missing the Woman. She came back for two days last week, only to leave again for a wedding in Florida. So now I'm alone until Thursday...but then she is home for the rest of the summer! =)

Just wanted to throw a quick update up. I need to grab some dinner, then do some reading. And then I'll probably end up doing that window shopping after all. Oh well.